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The online casino library is constantly being updated with new slots, card games, lotteries, and other entertainment. More often than not, some similar games replace others.

But Pinup Aviator has been a real breakthrough in the gambling industry, garnering the interest of gamblers around the world in just a couple of years

What’s in the design of the game?                                                                          

The game Aviator Pin Up involves the movement of an airplane on a field at a certain rate. The user sees a graphic display with the jet taking off and ascending before it crashes. It is based purely on a random number generator, every round is new and random in terms of results.

Playing Aviator is not as easy as many think. You need to control the process of moving and not allow the plane to fly out of bounds. As the altitude increases, the incomes increase, and so do the risks. So, your victory largely depends on your reaction and intuition. 

The main advantage of the game Aviator is the chance for a significant increase in bets, a small amount of money to start the process, and the opportunity to test their dexterity and luck. It is up to the user to decide at what odds to complete the game. It can be either x1.5 or x1,000. It all depends on intuition, fortune, and reaction speed. So, Aviator will suit both risk lovers and conservative users. In the history of this slot, there are cases when gamblers won a jackpot of x10,000 from the wager. 

Other advantages of the game Aviator include:

In-game chat. In-game chat allows you to talk, make new friends or view the chat log. The chat log shows the player who has won the most money in each round, previous bets made, and winnings. 

Live betting. The menu on the left shows how many bets other players have made, their odds, and their winnings. This is a great feature because you can collect information about other players and use it to your advantage.

Live Stats. The “All bets” section displays all bets and winnings, including yours. In the top section, you can find daily, monthly, or yearly stats and odds.

How do I play Aviator? 

Before you play Aviator for real money, you need to find a reliable site that guarantees the safety of your funds. One such casino is Pin Up, which has established itself as a reliable partner for all gambling enthusiasts over the years. Pin Up guarantees the safety of your funds and the convenience of the game. 

On the site of this casino, you can both play the demo version, and bet real money on the flight of the plane. We recommend that you get used to playing in demo mode first. This will help you run a better game in the future. 

How to reduce the risks in the game Aviator? Advice from experienced players                                                             

Aviator is no riskier than slots, card games, or any other kind of gambling for money. Safeguard yourself by being careful when choosing a gambling club, the official software producer says the payout rate is about 97%, so the chances of a positive outcome are high enough. It is necessary to be able to calculate your strength and allowable costs, as well as perceive the process as entertainment. Top tips: 

  • Don’t spend more per day on bets than you can afford to lose. For example, you are willing to gamble for $25 a day. Don’t bet more regardless of winning or losing. Limit your playing time. As noted, you need to keep your emotions under control while playing aviator. 
  • Don’t be greedy. If you were able to snatch a lot of money, do not immediately run after a new prize. It is important to stop in time. 
  • The game has no regularities, do not look for them. A random number generator determines the winner of each of the next rounds. 
  • If you have a choice between two bets of 50 cents or one dollar, you should choose the latter, because there is a theory that online slots pay out much more with high bets. However, there is no unequivocal evidence for this hypothesis.

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