The Detroit Pistons are red hot, and just beat up on the Indianapolis Pacers. The Detroit Pistons have won… Wait.. Maybe I should talk this much shit when we’re still one game under .500. But I’ll tell you this. This win was huge. For the entire team, the entire locker room.

Last time Detroit played Indiana the Pistons got stomped, demolished, and with a couple seconds left in the game Indiana went up and scored at the last second… And Detroit took that as disrespect. And Detroit came out tonight and showed them that they weren’t going to get walked over.

Detroit have won seven of their last eight games, and this one got chippy, just as expected.

Thaddeus Young proved why no one really cares for him as he took a cheap shot at Andre Drummond which ended up in a flagrant foul. And let’s not mention the entire Pacers team coming out dirty. But like they say, come out, talk shit, get punched in the mouth.

Malice at the Palace part II? This one was a chippy one… But they play again two more times, and it’s possible they play again in the post season.

Pacers won eight of their last nine going into this one, and well, you came into Detroit and got smacked up. Try to play dirty, and we play back. Let’s go!

113-109 was the final.

Next Detroit goes up against the Spurs on Wednesday.


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