The use of marijuana for recreation goes many centuries back in the past. Early civilizations and tribes have used marijuana primarily for ceremonial, spiritual, and religious purposes. Some of the early users of used leaves and other plant-based rollers to smoke marijuana. Fast forward to the 21st century, where you get to see and experience thriving and growing cannabis communities in different parts of the world. You’ll also notice the innovations in smoking weed, which can now be done through joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, and other devices. Weed smokers now have several options on how they can enjoy the good stuff. With these options also emerge some lively debates about which smoking device or methods is better.

Here, we will compare a weed pipe and a bong to see which one gives you a more intense trip or high. 


A bong or water pipe is a smoking device that uses water as a filtration system. While it is popular among weed smokers, it can also be used for smoking tobacco and other herbal substances. The bong has been used for smoking marijuana for centuries in Thailand and Laos, and its early design was made from bamboo. Its name comes from baung, which refers to the bamboo pipe used for smoking. The glass bongs that we come to know and love took a while to gain their modern form as people still preferred the old designs. Bongs were still wooden until their design changed from metal in the 16th century to glass in the 20th century up to the present. Modern weed smokers are looking for new ways to enjoy the smooth and pure hit of marijuana without the metallic or ashy taste. The glass design proved useful as glass is a neutral substance that does not affect the smoke quality.


Pipe smoking also has a long history of use. It is also considered to be the oldest traditional form of smoking. It was originally used for smoking tobacco, but it can be used for smoking weed and other herbal substances as well. Due to the technical classification of bongs and bubblers as water pipes, weed users classify the weed pipe as a dry pipe. Traditional weed smokers prefer the pipe for its ease of use and portability. Those who are transitioning from tobacco smoking to weed smoking also go for pipes, blunts, or joints. 

Which Gives a Better High?

While the choice of using a pipe or a bong boils down to the weed smoker’s preference, there are observable differences in the quality of the high that you get from these smoking devices. Even when it comes to the quality of the high, the topic can also be subjective, but we will try our best to be as objective as possible.


On-the-go and discreet smokers pay more attention to the frequency of the hits they can take. Older generations of weed smokers prefer the taste of smoke and the sensation of inhaling in high temperatures. Pipes usually have a short distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece, which makes the smoke harsh for the untrained user. To remedy this, selecting a longer pipe to allow the smoke to cool down a bit. Also, you are less likely to inhale ashes with a longer pipe. When it comes to how high you can get from smoking marijuana through a weed pipe, it depends on the amount or dose that you consume. Spoon pipes provide small puffs and easy refills for long sessions. One-hitters are designed for small and precise dosage (usually about 25 mg). Party pipes have a bigger bowl and give a more potent hit than spoon pipes and one-hitters.


The bong is a good fit for those who prefer to get their hits at home and enjoy a good puff with friends. Sensation-wise, the bong gives off a smoother, cleaner, and cooler hit compared to a pipe. The design of the bong and the addition of water as a filtration medium help cool down the smoke it releases. It also filters out ashes, tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gasses. Its large chamber, customizable weed bowl, longer neck, and generally larger mouthpiece account for a larger volume of cool and smooth smoke and a larger dose and stronger hit. Bong smoke also does not dissipate easily, which allows for a longer and more relaxed inhalation. 

Going back to the earlier question of which smoking device gives more high (pipe vs. bong), we will give the medal to the bong. While the level of high can be adjusted with the dose or amount of marijuana, the bong’s design allows for more smoke to accumulate and get inhaled. A bong’s customizable bowl allows smokers to smoke more weed, compared to the limited size options of a pipe. Regarding smoke quality, the bong also takes the bag with its smoother and cooler hit, which most users prefer. Nevertheless, the pipe gives a convenient and accessible high when you feel like taking a toke while on the go. Still, it is up to weed smokers to choose which device fits their needs best. The bottom line here is to enjoy every puff.


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