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Picture from Fox News’ ‘Hannity’ Shows the Upper Peninsula as Part of Canada

Written by Nate

Well, all we can say right now is ‘here we go again.’

In a tweet by Shane Nyman, it appears that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was mistaken once again as part of a different state—or country in that matter.

Nyman has listed that a picture from Sean Hannity’s show, ‘Hannity,’ last Thursday night on a map that the U.P. was part of Canada.

But for those who think it may end up being a good thing, the U.P.’s official Twitter account would agree with you.

I know it sounds like a broken record, but it is a fact that the U.P. has been misplaced several times within the last couple years.

Notably last year, America’s Got Talent left off the Upper Peninsula entirely, and Mountain Dew labeled the region as part of Wisconsin.

Mountain Dew would eventually apologize and issued a new bottle specifically about the U.P. itself.

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