Boston Celtics

Philly Treads Over Celtics

Exciting, but ultimately disappointing game tonight between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. With the final score being 118-115, the Sixers had a 13-7 run within the four minutes, but this was the least of their worries.

Starting off with Aaron Baynes, hobbling off before the end of the first half and ended up missing the rest of tonight’s game (Grade 2 ankle sprain. I like to think that Baynes is the Gronk of the Celtics, he’s a delicate flower and get injured easily; let’s just hope he can recover from this before the playoffs 😬 Secondly is Marcus Smart not making smart moves! Smart was ejected after flagrantly pushing Joel Embiid from behind after being knocked down by him, not a good look for how the Celtics handle a little “foul” if you can even consider what happened to Smart be a foul. That’s not how you should be reacting, just brush it off and win the damn game in the end.

What was nice though tonight was between and Kyrie and Al. Kyrie had 36 points and Horford had 22, what was surprising was that Tatum had under 15 points… Was he just shy tonight or too busy focusing on his brackets 👀 Also Philly is kind of a power house team with Simmons/ Embiid and Butler, who had amazing plays to at the end of the game to end the game.

I’m excited to see how Smart coms back in Charlotte on Friday 😤


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