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Phillies Manager Offers Update On Bryce Harper’s Status

Written by Tony Ghaul

Phillies manager Rob Thomson told ESPN when the team gets back to Philadelphia on Thursday, Bryce Harper could start hitting on the field at Citizens Bank Park, then progress to live arm at bats and then “possibly” minor league at bats.

Thomson says Bryce is “doing really well” in his recovery. Most early reports had him returning around mid-July.

Recently, that timeline has changed, possibly as early as mid-May.

Harper also knows that he must be wise in his recovery. He doesn’t want any setbacks.

“Still got a minute to go,” Harper said. “Just trying to be smart about it, understanding my good days are going to be good and some days, I’ll just be sore and it’ll be a little tougher. But I feel good right now, just got to keep that going and keep doing the same stuff.”

The Phillies need Harper. They know it. He knows it. Better to have Harper healthy than to play five or 10 games and find himself right back on the injured list.

Phillies superstar Bryce Harper. Photo courtsey of NATHAN RAY SEEBECK/USA TODAY SPORTS

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