Former Philadelphia Phillies star and longtime MLB broadcaster John Kruk ripped the new rules of baseball for 2023 during the Phillies and Diamondbacks game on Wednesday.

In the top of the tenth inning, Diamondbacks hitter Josh Rojas was nearly called out for a pitch clock violation. After some discussion, he wasn’t, but ended up using his timeout.

During the timeout, Phillies pitcher Craig Kimbrel stepped to the mound and came set, which prompted him to get a violation for not allowing Rojas time to get ready to get hit.

The incident caused Kruk to lose it. “Ah dear crap almighty!”

“What a joke! What a circus this game’s turned into!” “What the hell’s Kimbrel supposed to do? This is a joke… keep making up rules until no one knows what’s going on.”

The Phillies beat the Diamondbacks, 6-5, in ten innings. They moved to a 23-26 record with the victory.

Phillies announcers John Kruk (left) and Tom McCarthy. Photo courtsey of NBC Sports Philadelphia


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