Philip Rivers might come out of retirement

Written by Noah Gagnon

Word on the street is Philip Rivers willing to come out of retirement to replace the injured Jameis Winston if the Saints call. The Saints are currently working with Taysom Hill and Trevor Simeon as their backups, so lets be real, is a 76-year-old Philip Rivers really an upgrade?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Philly Rivers. It would bring me a ton of joy to watch the guy dish out some of the kindest trash talk in the history of the world, completely berate officials, and wear a sexy bolo tie after the game, but I just don’t know if he has it in him from a playing standpoint.

Do we really think he’s been working out while he’s been at home? Yeah he’s been coaching some high school ball, but he’s also probably been eating his fair share of PF Changs and Zaxby’s chicken. But hey, I guess when you’re at home with 7 kids you’d rather take your chances against the Bucs defensive line than stay home with your army of children all day.

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