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Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio Host Says He’ll Retire If Eagles Draft Bijan Robinson

Written by Tony Ghaul

94 WIP’s Howard Eskin says if the Eagles use their 10th overall pick in the NFL Draft on Texas RB Bijan Robinson, he will retire.

During an appearance on the “Marks and Reese” show with Jon Marks and Ike Reese on Wednesday, Eskin made the declaration.

“You guys are baiting me and I will tell you right now, if they draft Bijan Robinson at number 10, now everybody is going to be rooting for them to draft him,” Eskin said on Wednesday with Jon Marks & Ike Reese.

“If they draft Bijan Robinson at number 10, I will retire and it will be longer than the one minute and 23 seconds that Ray Didinger retired.”

If the Eagles do draft Robinson at No. 10, will Eskin stick to his word?

There is a belief in the NFL world right now that teams should not select a running back early in the first round, especially in the Top 10.

Eskin is a firm believer in this philosophy, but Robinson is a legitimate stud player who can easily improve the running game of whichever team he’s on.

This will be interesting, if the Eagles do draft Robinson with the tenth pick. How will Howard Eskin get out of this one?

94 WIP’s Howard Eskin. Photo courtsey of Wikipedia

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