Philadelphia sports reporter trolls Cole Beasley on NFL retirement

Philadelphia sports reporter/media personality Howard Eskin has had a long standing Twitter war with NFL WR Cole Beasley. It dates back to Beasley time with the Dallas Cowboys, who are the Philadelphia Eagles most-hated rival.

Today, after playing just two games with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Beasley announced his retirement from the NFL.

Here is Eskin’s tweet on Cole Beasley’s retirement.

Back in 2017, Philadelphia reporter Howard Eskin takes a shot at Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on Twitter.

Beasley then responded.

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Dak is that dude.

— Cole Beasley (@Bease11) November 13, 2017

I’m not cryin. Just defending my qb. We got our ass beat. I’m not whinin about it. I just hate when people try to make it about one guy.

— Cole Beasley (@Bease11) November 13, 2017

I didn’t know the dude was from philly. Don’t care honestly. Nobody is about to discredit my quarterback who has done nothin but ball since he stepped through the door.— Cole Beasley (@Bease11) November 13, 2017

​​Things went quiet for a while until the Cowboys got demolished by the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Eskin went ahead and slammed Beasley after the Eagles proved to the world they’re the best team in the NFL.

Beasley, the millionaire football, player stood on the last leg he had to put this reporter troll to the ground. Naw but I got two kids whose college is payed for already and they’re still in diapers. 😉— Cole Beasley (@Bease11) November 20, 2017

This is kind of a poor look for Beasley. I get him responding, but to bring money into it is a poor look. It’s like him saying he’s fine Dallas lost because he can go home to all of his money, but he doesn’t realize that Eskin put all four of his kids through college.

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