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PFTCommenter Agrees To Fight Darren Rovell at Rough N Rowdy- Rovell Wants $2M | @PFTCommenter @darrenrovell

Wow! Celerity boxing is starting to become more popular with people like Logan and Jake Paul showing people who much money is out there. And now most recently after Jose Canseco made a quick $1M after losing during a Rough N Rowdy fight on Barstool Sports it looks like more people are trying to get involved.

This time it’s Darren Rovell who has been around the sports industry for years, working for ESPN, and now working for The Action Network.

PFTCommenter is one of the most talented and funny personalities on the Internet. He works for Barstool Sports and is a part of the popular podcast Pardon My Take.

Rovell said that he’d want $2,000,000 to fight him and then PFT said that he agreed.

Watch Rovell chicken out now and not want to do it. $2M on the line? PFT said that he’d fight him and if PFT wins Rovell has to delete his Twitter account.

PFT is roasting Rovell now:

Rovell said that it’s time to get working on the term sheet. Maybe this will actually happen!

If they actually agree to a fight I’m sure that there would have to be some sort of terms that either fighter couldn’t throw the fight or give up and if they did they wouldn’t be paid. Because that’s what Jose Canseco did:

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