Petition Going Around to Remove Big Ten Referee Bo Boroski from Games

Written by Nate

Even with the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament starting this week, there is a petition going around that is asking the conference to remove one of the conference’s hated officials from games.

In a tweet by Fan Sided/Spartan Avenue writer Jack Williams, a petition has been set up in hopes they can remove official Bo Boroski due to his controversial calls and ‘getting TV time for no reason.’

This petition was out in place after Boroski’s continued display of bad calls between last week’s game between Michigan State and Michigan.

“Michigan and Michigan State fans don’t often agree on anything. During an intense rivalry game that will likely determine these teams’ fates, these two fanbases aren’t torn, they’re connected,” Williams said in the petition’s description.

“The game has been tough to watch as a Spartan fan, but Michigan fans are not happy with the game either despite a double digit lead. Bo Boroski has taken the entertainment value away from college basketball. His officiating is consistently the worst in professional sports and it’s not even close.”

The call to action was further on display from many other fans from Big Ten teams after Boroski was again in subject in a bad during last weekend’s game between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The petition is closing in on 1,000 signatures on its page. If you’re interested in signing, feel free to click here.

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