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People From All Over Are Roasting A Small U.P County, Baraga, Along With Tourists Saying They’ll Never Be Back After Elected Officials Issue Manifesto Although They Lead Michigan In COVID Death %

My hometown. Baraga County. The county that I grew up in. The town that I still live in. One that I’ve made a lot of memories in. One that I enjoy living in especially during summer time because of how beautiful it is along with the joy of camping.

The County that I’m now worried about because people are no longer seeming to care about the COVID-19 pandemic any longer. Along with people now seeming to forget about those elders who are loved ones and neighbors with underlining health conditions. Will another COVID breakout happen in the small community of Baraga? That’s a question that we’ll be finding out very soon.

As Baraga Co. currently leads Michigan in the death % from COVID, leaders in the County have signed what they called a “manifesto” to announce they’re no longer going to move forward with restrictions that the Michigan Gov. Whitmer has set in place. Even though they haven’t already been.

This “manifesto” has gained traction by many media outlets and you can read it below:

But what happens with in the next month is going to really decide the outcome of how this “manifesto” was handled. Hopefully we don’t see another outbreak like Baraga Co. already has had in it’s Nursing Home and Prison.

I understand that these people who signed this more than likely just want to help small businesses who are struggling but to literally say you won’t enforce anything with masks is wild. Why not enforce masks, strictly, at the doors of businesses and allow them to open? As I’ve traveled safely during the pandemic, I’ve noticed that the U.P takes less caution than other states. It seems as if every business in Baraga Co. you can walk into and you don’t have to wear a mask. No one will tell you to put it on. Why not say you’ll enforce masks and allow businesses to reopen? Save lives and attempt to get back to normal. I’d sure love local health officials that’s we’ve trusted all our lives to be involved in these decisions.

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But that’s not why we are here today. I have my opinion, you have yours.

What I do know is that people are making a ton of jokes about the Baraga Co. and the decision elected officials have made.

Although there are a lot of supporters of this there are a lot of people against what they’re deciding, along with tourists who help keep the economy afloat at times are now saying they won’t be back nor ever spending money in Baraga Co.

People who are moving to the U.P are saying they won’t be buying property in Baraga Co or returning newly bought property:

Besides writing it on what seems a legit typewriter – people can’t stop making fun of the County.

Here is two that gave me a good laugh:

People are making sure to point out that obviously majority of these people need a history lesson if they think what’s going on right now is as bad as what happened during “King George III and the American Revolution” pretty wild to compare that and what happened since then to what’s going on right now.

I believe majority of people want and think they’re doing the right thing.

Already Vaccinating?

" "
Dr.Ingram (COVID-19 Vaccinations Start at BCMH | Baraga County Memorial Hospital)
Baraga County is literally disturbing the vaccine right now to those in the medical field and 65+, why not wait off to post this manifesto? Why not wait get the vaccine to those who need it?

Baraga County will be able to get the vaccine out to those who need it at a rather fast rate – as that rate is happening now – why issue this? Why not allow the health care workers to do their job for another couple of weeks and try and open back to normal when they have the vaccine?

People are saying they should border off people from Baraga Co:

We will have to wait a month and see whose right, the elected officials of Baraga Co. or else the medical experts. Is there going to be another COVID outbreak or no?

If I was in charge, I’d want small businesses open. But to do it right – wait until those 65+ get the vaccine (which they are now) then enforce strict masks mandates in these businesses.

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