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“People Can Change” Rico Bosco and Jeff Nadu sign a peace treaty @JeffNadu @Return_Of_RB

A wise man once said, ‘Somethings are bigger than sports.’

When you think of famous rivalries a few come to mind; Yankees v Red Sox, Celtics v Lakers, Rangers v Flyers, Cowboys v Eagles, and Jeff Nadu v Rico Bosco.

I never thought I would see this moment, Jeff Nadu and Rico Bosco officially burying the hatchet on Rico’s Redemption Tour.

This is a huge first step, big time. If you don’t like Rico I totally understand but fuck you, your a skell anyways. Bosco has done some down right evil things that is undeniable but he is nonstop content and views so you have to love him from that perspective.

Bosco and Nadu will legitimately break the Internet when they come out with a podcast together that has to be the next move for this tandem. What a fucking duo. This is about the future.

In 20 minutes this peace making video has already eclipsed 100k views, like Nadu said “it is time to move on.

One of the biggest rivalries in Barstool Sports history has now turned into probably the biggest duo in the company besides Dan and Dave.

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