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People Are Protesting Pat McAfee Moving Into His New Office? Old Church? McAfee Having To Attend City Council Meetings! – @PatMcAfeeShow

Written by TrevStone

According to Pat McAfee himself – people are protesting him and his team moving into his new office. McAfee said that the new location is closer to his house and that’s how he ended up realizing the location was for sale.

The building is a former church and that is why it’s causing somewhat of an uproar. McAfee has had to attend City Council meetings because of this.

“I had to go to a City Council meeting the other day, there were people protesting our business moving into a former Church. It’s been an empty lot of a good bit of time. It’s very big.”

McAfee said that when he noticed the price he really wanted to purchase it. But he didn’t know the process with the zoning variance.

“Members of the neighborhood in which I live were able to come out and say that they didn’t want me to move in there.”

Personally I don’t understand why. I get that it was a church for awhile, but it’s not like they’re disrespecting it in anyway by moving into it. I’d think that if it’s sitting there doing nothing that that’d be more disrespectful.

If it was for sale, why shouldn’t McAfee be able to move into it? Hopefully everything works out smooth for Pat and The Boys!

McAfee talks about it roughly 50 minutes into today’s episode.

Mr. Smothers is an awesome man.

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