Penn State Is Absolutely Buzzing, The White Out Game Is Cemented In Legacy

Just fucking chills, holy shit college football fans are back. Penn State against Auburn right now is absolutely buzzing, the noise level has to be topping loudest crowds of all time. I’m at a friends and the hype right now is through the fucking roof, if you don’t love this and the tradition of the White Out game at Penn State I don’t trust you. Fans at home watching can feel the hype and you don’t even have to be a Penn State fan, I couldn’t give two shits about them but this game and atmosphere is insane. There are some college football games you just need to make and this is a top 10 game by far with a fan base like this.

Mush has me thinking, why isn’t Penn State wearing white for their white out game? I mean I get visiting teams in college are supposed to wear white or some shit like that but cmon we can bend the rules for this one game I mean it’s called the fucking white out game for fucks sake. I don’t know who isn’t allowing it but the NCAA is so full of shit I’m not surprised if they didn’t wanna bend some rules there. Either fucking way turn this game on, watch it back if it’s after or watch the highlights and hear the roar of this crowd and that atmosphere. Absolutely fucking insane I’m going to have to make next years white out game or something holy shit I love football.

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