Penn State Fans Heckle James Franklin And Player Snaps Back

Written by Tony Ghaul

Penn State lost to the Michigan at home on Saturday afternoon in a battle of Big Ten rivals.

Angry and upset Penn State fans heckle Head Coach James Franklin as the team was walking back into the locker room at the end of the game, as per Joe Smeltzer.

Freshman offensive lineman Vega Loane stood up for his Head Coach and went back at fans NSFW language.

Penn State lost in a close game, but fans are really not happy about the playcalling and coaching decisions.

Under Franklin as Head Coach, Penn State cannot seem to beat the top two teams in the Big 10. Granted Ohio State and Michigan are two the top teams in the country, but Penn State fans want there team be able to win these games.

Franklin now has a record of 4-16 combined against Michigan and Ohio State and has lost 12 of 13 games against AP top-5 opponents.

Penn State HC James Franklin. Photo courtesy of Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

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