I’ma call you out if I see posts like this…. From the image of a dad and his son flipping off the camera while saying F— Black Lives Matter to this story. Whenever I see this, I’m going to call you out on here.

I was just sitting here.. scrolling across social media and I see a screenshot of an image of Paula Mcguigan and her husband

Not just any image…

An image of her and her husband mocking the death of George Floyd.

Well… Way to go. Loser!

Her business according to her LinkedIn is:

“We are a woman owned spray foam business located in the beautiful Willamette Valley. We service the entire state of Oregon for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. We take great pride in our customer service and having well trained and experienced applicators.” | Founder – Home Spray Foam, LLC

She deleted her Facebook after posting an apology… Which obviously, her post seemed pretty dumb.

She still has her LinkedIn up and a link to her LinkedIn can be viewed by clicking here!

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Other People To Call Out For This!!