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Paul Heyman Takes A Shot At WWE Raw…And He’s Right! – @HeymanHustle

Let’s be honest for a second.

WWE Raw has not been a very good show for awhile now. I often sing the praises of NXT, even if they also hit a roadblock recently. On the whole though, their show on Wednesday nights is typically the best of the bunch. Moving over to the Smackdown side of things, they have been great since last August. No surprise – that is when Roman Reigns returned to the company and grabbed the Universal Title. He’s been the Head of the Table ever since and hasn’t looked back.

Still, that leaves Raw. I love The Stud Drew McIntyre as WWE Champion. He has been one of the few wrestlers that carried the entire company since last March when the world took a tumble. Him, Randy Orton, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Asuka have been the most consistent performers no question about it. That only covers so much time though. With RAW being a lengthy three hours every single Monday night, it is bound to struggle at times…and struggle it has.

Fans pointing that out is one thing. I mean, we are all critics. We are all just voicing an opinion at the end of the day. Sometimes and uninformed opinion. Other times, a very informed opinion. The general consensus is that the red brand needs some help. I think most understand that.

Yet, it was still shocking to hear Paul Heyman on Talking Smack yesterday take a very obvious, clear shot at Raw.

First off, Mr. Heyman is correct. As outlined above, Raw has been a chore to sit through as of late. Second off, DANG! Always known for being outspoken and controversial, that was pretty straight forward. I hope that lit a fire under the creative team over on Raw. Whoever that is, I don’t care. I hope that stung a little bit, and this road to WrestleMania is amazing. Prove us all wrong and more important – prove Heyman wrong. That would feel pretty sweet, am I right?

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)

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