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Patriots Send Vikings to Valhalla

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Great game tonight with the Patriots facing off against the Vikings! With a final score of 24-10, the patriots had amazing plays, but with that came an absurd number of flags on plays. I think that is what needs to be worked on with this Patriots team, but what was also good was that of the defense getting tackle after tackle, stopping the Vikings offense.

TB1K!!! Tom Brady has finally reached 1000 career rushing yards and it only took him 18 years (hopefully he doesn’t get sacked next week 😬). This is kinda concerning though, because Brady said he hasn’t retired yet because he hasn’t reached that milestone yet; well here we are and now we have to start asking the hard-hitting questions if Tom is gonna retire at the end of this season???

Shout out coach Bill for yelling “Shut the fuck up” at Thielen over a flag on a play, it was badass and allegedly that’s how Bill is all the time at practice, during players 5th quarter interviews, which is awesome.

Now, as the patriots gear up for next week’s game against the Dolphins (oof that’s gonna be a tough one) I think that they should work on better defense even though they played great tonight, they’re gonna need to be better for the last four games and then the playoffs.


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