New England Patriots QB Mac Jones felt the offense was cause of his down play this season. His idea to fix it, landed him in Belichick’s doghouse.

Jones reportedly went behind Belichick’s back asking for offensive help. He asked people outside of the Patriots’ organization if they could help the team’s non-existent offense. Belichick found out about these conversations and things got personal between the two, as per Pro Football Talk analyst Chris Simms.

“Mac Jones wasn’t happy,” Simms said. “He was telling people he wasn’t happy. He was calling people about, ‘Hey, can you help us with ideas and do stuff like that?”

“From my understanding, Belichick found out all these things,” Simms continued. “He found out that Mac was talking to people, and all this, and there was some back-channel conversations going on behind Belichick’s back. And I think that’s where it did get personal.”

Heading into the offseason, it’s clear that the Patriots need help in the offensive department. It appears that the relationship between Jones and Belichick could use some work too. Seems like there’s many issues going on in New England.

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones and Head Coach Bill Belichick. Photo courtsey of Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports.

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