The New England Patriots are now undefeated this season since the smackdown they gave to the Miami Dolphins Sunday afternoon with a score of 43-0. Yes, 43-0. With newly acquired wide receiver, Antonio “Boomin” Brown, the Patriots offense is something that should be feared for the rest of the season going forward.

Tom Brady went right out the gate going for Antonio Brown for his first three plays to be able to get his first touchdown and then celebrating by jumping into the stands. Going off of that, the Patriots continued to pulverize the Dolphins like they’ve always done so 😅

One thing that I wasn’t too pleased with, but I’m sure everyone else saw it coming, was that Stephen Gostkowski missed all of his kicks! I don’t know why we keep letting him play, it ridiculous!

Overall, I am excited to see what Boomin has to bring to the field, as we have just gotten a glimpse from this one game.

Next week the Patriots will crash the New York Jets into the field, hopefully Sam Darnold still has mono by then 😜



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