Patrick Mahomes’s brother tries shooting shot with Josh Richard’s girlfriend

Written by Graciemarx

Patrick Mahomes has a Super Bowl ring. His brother Jackson, has a TikTok account. While Patrick is preparing for the AFC championship this weekend, Jackson is spending his time learning TikTok dances. Patrick Mahomes’s brother Jackson has gained quite the audience from his TikToks he makes during the Chief’s games.


@jakepaul heard you were at the game, we’re always accepting new fans? #chiefs

♬ Adderall (Corvette Corvette) – Popp Hunna

Here he is making a TikTok from the game last weekend against the Browns. While his brother was taken to the locker room after a brutal hit, he was up in the box making TikToks. I would love to just be at the game and look across the stadium to see Jackson Mahomes making TikToks.

Over the weekend, Jackson Mahomes uploaded a TikTok where he duetted Nessa Barrett, who is currently dating Sway boy Josh Richards. Nessa is a popular creator on the app and is well known for her music. Mahomes duetted one of Nessa’s videos and captioned it “lemme take you on a date.” Super cringe. The video is below.


#duet with @nessaabarrett let me take you on a date

♬ original sound – Nigel

Shortly after, Nessa’s boyfriend Josh Richards responded to Jackson. He definitely was not happy to see someone like Jackson trying to shoot their shot. Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett have been in an on and off relationship for a while now. Josh is a member of the Sway House and also is a co-host on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy.

Josh responded to Jackson’s TikTok with a video (shown above) with Nessa in his bed behind him. That’s a pretty savage way to shut Jackson Mahomes up. They went back and forth and the comments too.

Photo Credit: @TikTokRoom on Instagram

Josh Richards bragging that him and Nessa just fucked all night is pretty hilarious. Defintely a pretty ballsy response and defintely a good one to shut Jackson Mahomes up for good. He should stop shooting his shot and focus on the “corvette corvette” dance he’ll be doing during the AFC championship game this weekend. Looking forward to a great day of TikToks from Jackson!

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