Patrick Mahomes Has BANNED His Brother Jackson and Fiancé Brittany From Chiefs Games Next Season


Patrick Mahomes has finally put his foot down and told his baby mama and little brother that it would be in their best interest to not attend any games next season.

Don’t believe me?

This is awesome. Pat Mahomes is easily one of the most likable humans in the history of sports but his name and reputation have been tarnished due to his little brother and fiance being grade A losers.

From spraying champagne after winning a Divisional Playoff game…

DANCING on Sean Taylor’s memorial…

These may be top 2 worst humans in the history of history. I’m just glad our lord and savior Joe Burrow saved us from seeing these ugly muggs on Primetime Super Bowl TV….

I may actually hop back onto the Chiefs wagon if this all stays true. It’s a long off-season but I hope Patrick is a man of his word.

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