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Patrick Mahomes Fiancée Brittany Matthews Catches Him Cheating Before AFC Championship Game @brittanylynne8

Written by Chris Powers

They seemed like the perfect couple. Brittany, an annoying and incredibly intolerable human being. And Patrick, an incredibly calm, down to earth seemingly good person. They say opposites attract, and their relationship is without question proof of that.

Brittany is known for being obnoxious along with her brother in law Jackson Mahomes on game-days. Between conducting annoying TikTok dances and spraying fans with champagne or water after games, Mahomes’ family is both embarrassing and annoying.

In the last year however, a video populated on YouTube of Brittany catching her husband cheating at a game of golf. You can see in the video below of her accusing him several times of cheating, and of course he denies it. Check the video out below!

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