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Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady To Share Madden 22 Cover

Written by austenlange

The Madden Franchise fumbles the bag, again. The once beloved football game from Electronic Arts is nothing like it used to be. The company has just given up on all of their artistic integrity to put out an awful game year in and year out. Them selecting two players who have been cover athletes in the last 5 years just shows us exactly how much they care about the quality and content of their game. Sadly, they don’t care.

Madden used to be the king of sports games but has ultimately been outshadowed by games like “MLB The Show” and other gaming franchises that allow more creativity and have far better gameplay. Madden seems to only be worried about the graphics clarity and the amount of money they can make through the Ultimate Team Series. It’s absolute BULLSHIT that in todays day and age we have to put up with an awful product every fucking year because EA doesn’t care about their product. The so called “life like movement” is such a lie time after time this game looks less and less realistic. I fucking hate this and I hope they can salvage whatever part of a fan base they have left.

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