Patrick Beverly Just Went Off on a Ref

Written by Noah Gagnon

Tonight was the Timberwolves’ regular-season finale, and to the surprise of no one, Patrick Beverly got ejected for going off on a ref. Take a look.

First off, if he’s screaming “you’re trash, you’re trash” after the ejection, I can only imagine what he said to get ejected in the first place. They should really have a second broadcast where they just mic these guys up and we get to hear the real thing. If you don’t want kids to hear then don’t put that one on in front of them.

But, in any case of an ejection, you have to decide whether you’re on the side of the player or the ref, and I’m honestly on team Beverly here. The way I see it, if you make a big scene and publicly light the ref up, then you deserve to go. But, if you just say something in passing as Pat Bev did, then there’s really no need for an ejection. As long as you don’t like completely embarrass the ref I see no reason as to why you should be ejected.

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