Patrick Beverley Criticizes His Time With The Lakers

Patrick Beverley’s short stint in purple and gold wasn’t fruitful and the feisty guard clearly didn’t enjoy one bit of his time playing in a Lakers uniform. 

At the trade deadline, he was shipped to the young Orlando Magic but was bought out and signed with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. 

The Bulls have been thriving since Beverley’s signing and their current run is reminiscent of his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves a couple of years ago. The defensive stalwart can boost a team’s morale and defense whenever he is on the court. It could be seen in his work with teams like the Clippers, Wolves, and now the Bulls.

But in a recent interview, Beverley admitted that he struggled with how the Lakers were constructed as a team and were baffled by how the management was run during his brief stay there.

As per Beverley, “I play a bad game with Chicago, I ain’t gotta look on Twitter and hear ‘he’s a bum, get him outta here!’” Beverley said on his podcast (via NBA Central). “Like I was hearing that s**t in L.A.”

“Yeah, we should do this on defense… ‘nah we cool, we cool… nah we gotta rotate’… Bron what you mean we gotta rotate, you ain’t even playing…” Beverley added. “They don’t listen to me…. You gotta go through the first year coach, the LeBron, the AD, the Russ, then it get to me. You don’t hear my s**t the way you should hear my s**t.”

It is no secret that playing with LeBron James is either hit or miss – you can ride with him or not. Beverley is in a much better position now and how deep the Bulls can get in the east remains to be seen. The Bulls and the Lakers right now are fighting for a playoff spot in their respective conferences. 

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