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Pat McAfee Tells Bill Cowher to ‘Shut the F— Up’

During his YouTube show on Monday, Pat McAfee went off about Bill Cowher and his criticism of Jeff Saturday, who the Colts named their interim head coach last Monday after the team fired Frank Reich.

Cowher spent 15 years as head coach of the Steelers, winning a Super Bowl in 2006 — said that the Saturday hire is “a disgrace to the coaching profession” during CBS’s pregame show on Sunday.

“He got hired at 34 in his hometown to be the head coach of the f–king Pittsburgh Steelers, so if he maybe caught a lot of fire whenever he got hired for not earning and deserving the job that he took and he now wants to project that on Jeff Saturday, he can take that up with himself,” McAfee said, adding that he has respect for Cowher.

“But Bill Cowher, shut the f–k up, dude. He said why didn’t [Colts senior defensive assistant] John Fox get the job. Why didn’t [Colts defensive coordinator] Gus Bradley get the job? It’s their first year in the building, and, to be honest, the team has stunk since they got there.”

The Colts record was 3-5-1, before Jeff Saturday was hired. The Colts defeated the Raiders 25-20, in his coaching debut.

Interim head coach Jeff Saturday of the Indianapolis Colts during a game against the Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on Nov. 13, 2022. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

“You think Jim Irsay, who wants to hire an interim coach, goes, ‘You know what, these guys just got here and although they’re doing O.K., the defense isn’t bad,” McAfee said. “Do I want to hire these guys who don’t know anybody here? They’re just working with the D. They don’t know the building. They don’t know how we operate. They literally just f—ing got here and our team hasn’t been good.’

“Jim Irsay says, do I want to hire them, or does Jim Irsay say, ‘You know what, give me a guy who played 13 years here. Give me a guy who is in our Ring of Honor. Give me a guy that has won a Super Bowl here. Give me a guy that has sweat, bled and puked on this field for this program, who has built the Lucas Oil Stadium, the stadium in which we call home, alongside Peyton Manning and others. Give me a guy who wants to be a coach, has been a coach and maybe understands what this program is supposed to be and he hires him, and they all take shots.’”

McAfee went on to say that the “the backlash was absurd” from critics who acted like “puppets,” including Joe Thomas, on television reacting to the Saturday hire.

Pat McAfee. Photo courtsey of The Daily Mail

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