Alberto Riveron is the “head of officiating” and quite frankly no one likes him. He’s someone who shouldn’t be deciding anything. He’s an old style referee, he won’t adapt to the new rules. He won’t use the new technology and it’s absolutely ridiculous. 

He get’s paid millions to watch every single football game and when a coach challenges a flag he has the main say. Yup, he’s the guy who everyone is complaining about because he refuses to go against referees.

And it makes absolutely no sense, who cares… We all know humans make mistakes… We have the technology to make the game better for everyone! 

On Pat McAfee’s show, Pat absolutely roasted and destroyed Riveron:  

I’d guess 10 times McAfee said that Riveron should be suspended just like Vontaze Burfict was. The NFL has an opportunity to fix what’s wrong with the league, yet they continue to fail us all.

“He refuses to adjust to the new rules of the game.”

“When I say this I mean this… I think Alberto Riveron is an ass clown. I don’t like him. I just don’t like him.”

“Last night (Monday night) was the perfect example of a call that got reviewed and should have been overturned.”

I love this! It’s absolutely true. Fix this league Goodell!

Bring in someone young, bring in younger referees also because these old guys can’t make it up and down the field and can’t open there eyes. 

Hell can I get a #McAfeeForHeadOfOfficiating?


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