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Pat McAfee Expected to Do a Live Show in Detroit This Offseason

Coming soon this NFL offseason, the city of Detroit will be having a special guest coming to do a live show in the near future.

Via Woodward Sports founder Clarence ‘Stick’ Day, former NFL punter and popular sports show host/YouTuber Pat McAfee has confirmed that he is going to be doing a live episode in Detroit after losing a bet to Woodward Sports Network on the Lions-Packers night game last month.

What led to this moment was how McAfee felt bitter after the Lions denied a request to interview head coach Dan Campbell ahead of the game at Green Bay last month.

After learning of the rejection, McAfee ranted about the team to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and AJ Hawk, subsequently warning the Lions that if they didn’t win, they would ‘face the wrath as his mic will be on the following Monday.’

However, the Detroit Lions did beat Green Bay in Lambeau Field, 20-16, eliminating both teams from the playoffs.

So after getting asked about when he will have his show broadcasted in Detroit, McAfee has confirmed on Twitter that there will be a live show being aired coming soon.

Stick said that he anticipates the show to occur sometime in the early summer, maybe on Opening Day for the MLB’s Detroit Tigers.

Well whenever that show happens to be broadcasted on, we can expect a damn good show to go on thanks toward Pat and his crew. Especially towards their super Lions fan in Michigan native and their videographer, Evan ‘Foxy’ Fox.

**Original Photo Courtesy: Woodward Sports Network**

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