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Pat McAfee Announces 2019 Summer Podcast / Comedy Special Tour

Written by TrevStone

Pat McAfee is one of the most electric and entertaining humans in the entire world and he might be coming to a city near you. McAfee has just announced his new live podcast tour.

Pat will be live in each city with a special guest and will be recording a comedy special. Tickets will go on sale not today but next Monday at noon for all six events!

Now… if you’re like me and the closest one is eight hours away, you might be a little bit upset. Especially when you see that there is two in Ohio and only one in Michigan. Come on Pat. What is this horseshit. Bring one to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I will sell that place out myself. Let alone having your name behind it. Come on Pat. I was also hoping for something near Wisconsin, saying it’s somewhere close but that won’t happen.

Can Monday night football please call Pat already? please? We need McAfee on the mic, no matter what. He is too funny to not have on the air, Peyton Manning doesn’t want to do it, Jason Witten sucked, Pat McAfee has experience, do the right thing ESPN. #McAfeeForMNF

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