Pat Fitzgerald NEEDS an NFL Job

Written by Jleibl

I hate having to write this as a die hard Wisconsin fan, but why the hell is Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern still? I almost have to respect his commitment to Northwestern but this man is a genius and he continues to keep this team relevant year after year and I feel like it is going completely unnoticed.

Since 2006 when Fitzgerald took over as Head Coach, he has gone 103-79 and this is with A LOT of 2 and 3 star recruits. Rarely does this man even get a 4 star recruit and his winning percentage is 58%. That number may seem very low but its beyond impressive with what he has to work with. He’s had 3-10 win seasons, which obviously in the loaded Big Ten, is very difficult to do. On top of all that, in his last 5 bowl games, he’s 4-1. The guy is on absolute fire.

Clearly, playing in Evanston is a huge advantage as it is just an weird stadium to play at. It seems as if it always has crappy weather, the field sucks, and the stands are never packed so it just feels like a high school game.

Vince Biegel who played for the Badgers, feels the same way. It’s a dangerous place to go into and on top of that, Pat ALWAYS has his guys ready to play. Fitzgerald has been at Northwestern since 2006 and has openly said he has zero interest in leaving Northwestern, but my god, this man could be making a lot more money by leaving this program and going elsewhere. The SEC is calling his name or even the NFL. This guy molds men and turns them into football players and I think it’s time his name gets thrown into the coaching caracul at year’s end and time for him to finally move on to something bigger and better.

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