Participation Trophy’s enabled today’s Karen

When society deemed it appropriate to give participation Trophy’s in competitive sports, they birthed today’s Karen. The mom who wants to put her kid in football because she dreamed about dating a football player but unfortunately couldn’t get a participation trophy in that, so she takes it out on the moms who did, and demands control. She later complains that her son is getting hit because he is an absolute sissy, again because of her, and wants to make a change in protection of everyone else’s kids because she knows better. We all know one of these moms.

Michael Jordan wouldn’t be who he was if his mom was a Karen, or if other moms prevented him from achieving what he did because their kids didn’t have the drive or talent.

Someone asked me on my Instagram if I would take my kids out of sports for safety reasons. At first, I thought, this has to be a trick question to later turn something around that I’m a bad mom. I don’t share much about my kids, but my son is an animal. He scored 14 goals at his hockey game. He was also told to “tone it down” because he came onto the ice ready. At this age, you can’t slam someone into the boards. Understandable, but it happens. Some kids are better at skating, some are better at their puck skills, and some just shouldn’t be out there because they affect other kids who actually want to be there. You know when your kid is good, or when they should probably try soccer or the Lego club at school. Why take away from the potential of greatness when little Tommy isn’t good at something? That doesn’t mean he can’t be good at other things that other kids wouldn’t be good at.

Karen’s mentality toward her kids is the same as hers. “I don’t want anyone to do better, have something different, or do anything I don’t agree with.” Yet, Karen also goes along with the trends to marry someone who can support her, while he’s at the strip club. Instead of being mad at herself, she takes it out on girls like me, who can’t possibly be a good mom because I have fake boobs.

We need to normalize winning, being different, understanding one another, and telling Karen to go F*%k herself.

Winning isn’t everything, it’s about teaching kids to attempt to win at everything that they do. When you have teams/kids giving each other their best shot every time, it improves both sides. You are not always going to win but at everything in life, whether it’s sports, academics, or just mowing the lawn you should try to be the best at everything you do.

Vince Lombardi once said, “We will pursue perfection, though we will not achieve perfection, we will achieve greatness along the way.”

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