Parents of Michigan High School Football Players to Protest Cancelled Season Last Friday

Written by Nate

A rally took place down in Lansing last Friday afternoon after the cancellation of Michigan’s High School football season.

In an article by, Jayme McElvany and the ‘#LetThemPlay’ movement have planned a rally down at Capitol Hill in support for high school football to return to the school sports calendar.


McElvany, who leads the #LetThemPlay Facebook group and has a son that plays football at Milan High School, said that the rally was planned to help support to those parents and athletes affected by the MHSAA’s decision to cancel the Fall season and move to Spring 2021.

“I did say on Facebook one time ‘This is getting out of control. And if they mess with football, they’re going to see a whole new kind of crazy,’” McElvany said to MLive. “When you mess with football, you’re messing with people’s kids.”

“These are our children and we have the right to decide what is best for them,” McElvany added. “And we feel they are safer out there playing football than sitting home and getting depressed.”

The group currently has 16,000 followers, and is believed to have about 1,000 confirmed to be at the rally. They started their focus on mostly football, but they made the efforts in support for all sports.

The rally/protest was scheduled in response to MHSAA’s announcement to cancel the fall season for 2020, with plans to potentially hold a season in Spring 2021.

The rally went on from 4 to 7 pm. It will be held in either rain or shine conditions and people that went were encouraged to wear masks and bring signs (no political ones). Schools from across Michigan, including two from the U.P., have gathered there.

The group also has a petition in efforts to hopefully bring back football soon. It has garnered over 15,000 signatures out of the goal of 25,000.

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