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Panthers Looking To Move On From Star Running Back

Christian McCaffrey has been the star running back for the Carolina Panthers since he was drafted in 2017. He became an electric running back right off the bat. You could say he is the top running back in the league when he is on the field but his injuries keeping him off the field are creating a different thing for people to think about him as one of the top players. You have to have durability to be one of the best because those type of players are never missing games and can always be a weapon for their team. It seems like we have not seen McCaffrey play since 2019.

McCaffrey missed pretty much the last two seasons to injuries. He played in three total games last year and six total games this season before being ruled out for the remainder of the season due to a grade two ankle sprain.

The Panthers can’t keep waiting on McCaffrey to get healthy before they can try and compete. It’s been talked about even last year that the Panthers would maybe move on from the star running back. We all know how running backs work in the NFL, they usually don’t last. There’s only a couple running backs in the NFL that will continue to get paid with their current teams but the rest, those usually flip flop themselves through multiple teams throughout their career.

It’s going to be difficult for the Panthers to find someone to offer them a fair deal for what they are going to want for him. Especially with his recent injuries and the fact that he still has $44 Million remaining on his four-year contract.

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