Mac Jones is a dirty player that has been exposed, is it shocking a New England Patriot is a dirty player? No.

We all know what happened Mac Jones grabbed and held Brian Burn’s ankle well after the play was over, absolutely no excuse for those actions. Would be nice if the league gave some form of punishment but it won’t happen.

Burns was asked about what he would like to happen to Mac Jones and he simply said an apology and ended it with he wishes all his fellow D-end brothers happy hunting. Uh-oh I am shocked Mac Jones has not issued a statement saying that if he is touched by a defensive linemen that it is a hate crime or something.

I had no ill-will towards Mac Jones until now fuck that guy, I hope someone hits him hard that it results in him being out the rest of the year. I don’t wish injury on him but I want someone to knock him out simple as that.


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