Panic Mode Begins if the Knicks Lose to the Rockets Tonight

Written by Durr

Bing Bong? Yeah, that’s going to be a no from me dawg. I’m over it because the Knicks have been terrible since that slogan has come into play.

Like, what is happening here. The Knicks were known for their defense, grit and tough play. Now they are trying to be like the Golden State Warriors and I absolutely hate it.

I think the most amazing part about it is that the Knicks are 8-7, part of the reason is the fact that their schedule has been pretty easy. They really screwed up against the Magic though only winning 1 of the 3 games.

That’s why I have officially declared today’s game as a must-win for the New York Knicks. The Rockets are 1-14! They are actually garbage. If we can’t beat this hot garbage I don’t know what to do. maybe cancel the season?

Julius Randle also needs to figure it out. The step-back threes are not working buddy. You are a power forward. I think that they just need to move the ball around more. There’s no real star on this team. Even though Randle did get that extension to be a star if he can just be more of a team player that would be ideal.

Also, no more bing bong. I am tired of it. Especially if they lose today to the Rockets. If that occurs, I never want to hear a bing bong out of anyone ever again.

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