Pandemonium in Piscataway Part 2 is Tomorrow

Written by Noah Gagnon

Tomorrow is an AWFUL day to be a Wisconsin badger. They’re coming into the lions den, the belly of the beast, the rowdiest environment in college football … Piscataway, NJ. The upset is coming this week, I can feel it.

I know I say we’re gonna pull an upset every week, and I’m wrong every week, but I feel it this team. Despite being ranked 21st in the nation, this Wisconsin team STINKS. Rutgers is hot man, we took out an extremely talented Illinois team, and we’re ready to shock the world on Saturday. This team needs to make a statement.

Rutgers footballs journey back to greatness starts tomorrow. I say we beat Wisconsin about 75-7.

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Noah Gagnon

19-year-old student. MMA Enthusiast. 2014 Bedminster Middle School Boys Mile Run Second Place. BJJ White Belt. Kind Guy.