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Paige Spirinac ‘So Down’ to Play a Round of Golf with Kay Adams

Written by Nate

Two of the hottest personalities in the sports/entertainment industry could be turning heads out on the golf course soon.

On X, a user suggested to FanDuel TV host Kay Adams that her and famous golf influencer Paige Spirinac. Paige was honored and said she would be ‘so down’ to golf with Kay.

Guys who are big into golf and girls would love to see that on the nearest course soon. The question is when will they live up to their word and play?

But what is no question is how beautiful and lovely both Kay and Paige are. And with posts and photos like the ones below, you’d want to be first in line to be their caddy.

All we gotta say is, keep praying that it happens guys! It’ll bring great eye candy and headlines out on the golf course for everyone to see!

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