Popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac is ready for the World Cup. Spiranac is so into the World Cup now she’s back out on a soccer field, again not wearing a shirt for some reason.

“Hey everyone, it’s Paige, and the World Cup is here and I’m going to test my FIFA rating and see if I can potentially play soccer, football?” her voice rising in pitch the more she tries to explain what’s about to happen.

“Uh, probably not looking too good, but we’re going to try,” Paige said with a chuckle.

The camera shows Spiranac kicking a ball into a soccer goal with a FIFA rating of 58 for Power superimposed on to the screen. Next, we see Paige fly by the camera in a blur, giving her a FIFA Pace rating of 99.

She then misses back to back shots on goal which somehow gives her a 84 rating in Shooting. The rest of her FIFA ratings are 95 for Dribbling, 38 for Defense, and 65 for Physicality. Paige Spiranac was awarded an overall FIFA rating of 81.

Photo courtsey of Paige Spiranac/Twitter


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