Paige likes having fun with online ‘trolls’ as she likes to call them.

Last night, she did it again.

Obviously a little jarring at first. That is NOT the Paige we all know and love. There was a link to her Twitch channel along with the tweets, so everybody should have known something was up right away. To plug it for you, the account is ‘sarayaofficial’ on Twitch. Usually video game stuff that I don’t play or care about but whatever. Through the years, Paige has fought back against clowns and idiots on the internet that like to body shame and be downright cruel. Especially to those they don’t even know or ever met in real life.

Very strange.

Anyways, in no time, it was revealed to simply be a plastic surgery filter to rile up fans.

The best part is that she got some content out of the joke because she simply read all the funny comments while on air for her stream. Smart girl. No wonder Paige reportedly makes some major bank off Twitch and has a great following. It was sort of a play on the “Meat Tweets” gag. I am all for it, as I have received countless emails and messages from readers. I simply laugh and/or re-post them for the world to see.

In the end, she will keep doing her thing. Fans or so called ‘fans’ will keep acting like clowns, and the world will continue on. My best guess is nobody learned a lesson from this or will alter their behavior one bit. Certainly was funny though. Paige 1, Trolls 0 – congrats!


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