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Packers Alumni Josh Sitton & TJ Lang Come Home to Lambeau for the First Time as Retirees, and Promptly Slam a Couple of Spotted Cows

TJ Lang and Josh Sitton were absolute savages on the offensive line for Green Bay in recent history.

Both were apart of our 2010 Super Bowl run and are revered as legends in the state of Wisconsin, despite their painful departures; which is a decision many Packers fans disagreed with management on.

They each moved on, both having good runs for division rivals, Lang for his hometown team of Detroit and Sitton with Chicago.

But now that they’ve both retired, they remembered where home was and they clearly fit in well with the Wisconsin faithful, as evidenced today in their beer-chugging display.

The pair were the Featured Alumni of the Week for the Packers today as we beat the Washington Redskins. Lang and Sitton signed autographs and visited fans who were excited to welcome them home to Lambeau.

Lang played 8 seasons in Green Bay, primarily at Guard, but he played every position on the line at one point or another during his tenure. He was voted to the Pro Bowl in 2016, and was an alternate the 2 years prior.

Sitton was also around for 8 seasons playing right and left guard primarily. From 2013-2015 he was selected to the AP All-Pro team and was voted to 4 Pro Bowls.

It was great to see 2 guys I loved to watch play come home to Lambeau. They had every right to be mad about the way they were both let go, but this move speaks volumes about their character.

Congrats on retirement guys- and excellent form on the beer deletion!



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