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Owner of Florida Restaurant Off the Hook and Grill DRAGGED by Bay County, FL Facebook

Owner of Off the Hook & Grill, Keith Murdock, is put on blast on Facebook by the Bay County, FL Facebook page. Apparently, and it doesn’t come much of a surprise, racism is running rampant in their area. Keith Murdock owns a fairly well received restaurant in Panama City Beach but after he shares a post stating that Black Privilege is equivalent to being able to get away with breaking the law. I don’t know what world he’s living in that he thinks that this is true but I don’t think any right minded person would wanna live in that world.

Checking in on their Tripadvisor page and Facebook page, I’m guessing the word hasn’t gotten out yet. That or people just don’t care that much that the owner’s a racist. Now that’s a scary thought…

If we could all do our part and at least acknowledge that the owner was wrong for sharing that post, that’s a great step in the right direction.

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