OVERNIGHT: Jake Paul Sends Woodley to Bed (video)

Wow. I mean I woke up and I still hear the sound in my head. Jake Paul did have some struggles in his fight last night against former UFC champion, Tyron Woodley, but ultimately rested his case. Literally.

There is a video there. If it’s taken down oh well. But man what a connection.

The weirdest part about that knockout was that Tyron dropped his left hand as Paul was beginning his punch. It seemed very weird.

Jake is correct here, technically he has knocked everyone he has saw.

Jake was fighting with a bloody head for most of the time. It was impressive to see him not get distracted by it and carry on with the fight.

At the end of the day, Jake did it again. I wonder what will be next up for him. Maybe he goes for a level up, but we shall see.

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