Over 80,000 People Sign Petition To Have Hannah Buccholz Charged As An Adult In Federal Court After Viral Video In Eau Claire, Wisconsin Shows Her Helping Beat A Person Nealy To Death

Written by TrevStone

Over 80,000 people have signed a petition to have Hannah Buccholz charged as an adult in Federal Court after she recorded a video of herself and multiple others beating someone up and nearly killing him.

The petition reads:

On May 21st, 2020, multiple snapchat videos were uploaded to the internet, showing a defenseless and intoxicated teenager by the name of Jacob being beaten, for supposedly stealing narcotics and a vape pen. The girl who uploaded it is a lady by the name of Hannah.

In the videos, Hannah uses racial slurs whilst she eggs on the beating the entire time she is recording, even going as far as to partake in the beating as well, showing off her bloodied hand at one point.

The main agressor in the beating, however, goes by the name Chase Passon of which was released on a $2 500 dollar bond despite having a felony bail jumping charge on his record. After they beat Jacob multiple times, they allegedly had a girl by the name of Alexis Strenke drive him to his grandma’s, they threw him out of the car all bloody and helpless and left him expecting his grandma to take care of him.

Since last night it’s came out that Chase is in custody. The police say they have made 4+ arrests due to this incident. Yet Hannah is not in jail, as she has been released and is awaiting trial in August for a misdemeanor battery charge that is to be tried in juvenile court.

Hannah needs to be tried as an adult for the heinous crimes she and other committed against Jacob, whom was under the influence and unable to defend himself from his multiple attackers.

Click here to read the peition or to sign it.

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