On a brisk March evening in 2013, a 20-year-old going by the name of Jake Parnell makes his professional debut in Illinois with Dynamo Pro Wrestling. 7 years later that wrestler has polished his craft and skill and evolved into WARHORSE, one of the hottest independent stars on the wrestling circuit. Now his thousands of fans and followers cry out for AEW to give WARHORSE an opportunity to showcase his skills on a national level and elevate his career.

According to his online biography WARHORSE has wrestled for dozens of promotions both here in the US as well as internationally. His resume includes stops in places such as:

Jersey All Pro Wrestling

IWA Midwest

Juggalo Championship Wrestling

Full Impact Pro

IWA Deep South



Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance

WARHORSE has proven his ability to get over with the fans. His talent for self-promotion is second to none. In February, WARHORSE released his own mini-biography titled, Becoming Warhorse. In the documentary, the wrestler discusses his motivation to be his own character stating,

“I was reading this book by KISS and essentially they talked about how they did everything different. They wanted to be the band they never got to see, and they love comic books and horror movies and all those things, so I thought ‘Okay, I love heavy metal. I love 80’s style wrestling, I love the big over the top personalities.’ And if you listen to most of the old-school vets, they’ll tell you that a character will get you farther than anything else.”

Well the over the top character has worked. WARHORSE has amassed an almost cult like following on twitter with over 16,000 followers. The hashtag #CODYFEARSWARHORSE is often trending as WARHORSE has made multiple challenges to the current AEW TNT Champion. What I also like about WARHORSE is the interaction between himself and his followers. He is very engaging.

A Feb 2020 article on Wrestling INC referenced WARHORSE during a Cody Rhodes interview. During the Ask Me Anything Q&A session, Cody said he would “look at WARHORSE soon.” In my opinion Cody, there is enough content out there to make an intelligent decision. It’s time to take action and bring WARHORSE to AEW.