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Justin Gauthier
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Justin Gauthier has been boxing since the age of 10 and hasn’t looked back since. “My father was a boxer and fighter, so he began to train me when I finally came back home. He was always in my corner to support me no matter what happened or the decisions I made as long as they were good decisions. He pulled me from some of the hardest times in my life.” – Justin

Justin has talked about retiring from the sport but the love for the fight game hasn’t left him yet.

In 2022, Pro Sports Extra announced that they would be sponsoring Justin for his upcoming fights. “I watched Justin fight in person in 2014 and have been following his journey ever since. He’s someone who always gets back up to battle and that’s the main reason I decided to bring Justin in. He doesn’t give up. He’s been through it all.” – Trevor Uren, founder of Pro Sports Extra.

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