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Oregon Teacher Caught on Viral Video Going Ballistic, Told Anti-Lockdown/Reopen Business Protestors to Kill Themselves

Written by Nate

In Bend, Oregon (located in the west-central region of the state), a teacher was caught on a viral video screaming and threatening at anti-lockdown/small business rally over the weekend.

In a post by Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, a video posted by Katie Daviscourt show the teacher yelling at the rally attendees and told a few of them, ‘Bitch! Kill yourself!’ and went on a huge rant afterwards. Even Business analysts are getting worried.

“I’m a f***ing teacher, I work in schools,” the woman shouts via Paul Joseph Watson’s post. “I teach students, my students’ families are dying!”

Then the teacher responded afterwards with a bunch of obscenities before driving away with the chants of ‘USA!’ from the rallygoers going on in the background.

We all have those people on both sides that scream at each other at rallies, but this one might have topped them all.

Some Twitter users have reacted to the video questioning and concerns if that person was teaching children.

Here’s what a couple users said:

Hopefully that teacher cooled down, but it could be too late. It all depends on the school she teaches at.

**Photo Courtesy to Paul Joseph Watson/Twitter**

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