OnlyFans Creators Are Struggling Due To New $5 Minimum Sub | @jediqueenie @actuallyemmyy

Written by TrevStone

Over the last two years the OnlyFans platform has taken over the Adult World but over the last couple of months OnlyFans has switched the game up. At one point they went to remove nudity and backlash came so they fixed it. And now they have a minimum amount that creators can charge for subscribers.

Before you could offer deals to people who want to subscribe and that would drive up sales for the creators. But now they have to charge a minimum of $5 and creators are noticing subscribers not coming back and new sales dropping.

Two of the top earners Emmy and Grand Master Queenie posted about this.

“The fact that so many creators are struggling to gain subs now OnlyFans have limited our sub price to no lower than $5 is actually so upsetting. Y’all really don’t appreciate the work we put in and the amount of content you get for such a cheap price and it’s infuriating”

Personally.. I think they should allow the creator to set the price.

What is your thought’s about this? Should OnlyFans allow the creator to pick the amount they charge? Or should they keep it the way they have it?

Update: I no longer like Grand Master Queenie.

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